Hey there! 
I'm Nicole, a designer based in Los Angeles. I graduated from the University of Arkansas in May 2020, earning my BFA in graphic design as well as a minor in marketing. There are so many elements of design that I love; it isn't just about making something look beautiful. This field allows me to foster deep connections with an incredibly wide variety of people, bring people's visions to life, and communicate messages and solve problems in creative and compelling ways. 
A little bit about me: 
+ My favorite kinds of movies are from the 1990s (think Father of the Bride and You've Got Mail) - I love the feeling of nostalgia and those kinds of movies hit me with ALL the feels. 
+ I put a lot of time into perfecting my Spotify playlists - I've got a playlist for every mood or genre. 
+ Sunshine and 70 degree weather make me happier than most things in life. 
+ I spend 99% of my time at local coffee shops...and spend way too much money  on coffee.
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